Get a grip America!


Turn on the TV, what do you see? TMZ talking about Justin Bieber’s DUI scandal. Check your Facebook feed, what do you see? People talking about how much they hate JB. Open up iFunny, what do you see? Users asking users to sign a petition to kick JB out of the country. Bieber hate everywhere. To the left to right, everywhere.


Looking at how many signatures the two petitions requesting the deportation of Justin Bieber (both petitions¬†¬†put together have accumulated a total of 272,924 signatures) makes me wonder if Americans were to put the same effort they’re putting in this into greater things -what a better place the world would be; on where our focus is not set in yet another celebrity.

If Justin were a regular citizen none of this would go on. No more fuel to the unreasonable hatred people have towards him. Let me tell you something, your hatred for him is unreasonable. Hundreds of people have been arrested for DUIs (sometimes killing others and getting away with), hundreds have done drugs, and hundreds have done similar things like Justin has done and even worse, but yet you don’t see the general public signing petitions to have them taken out of the country or asking the government for a harsher punishment. If only such anger and focus would be put into much better things such as ending human trafficking in America, the hunger wars Americans face daily for hunger does not only happen in Africa; imagine what a better country we could have.

Do something good today. Something driven with passion to better the country. What good does it do focusing all your anger on one person who doesn’t really matter and won’t mater in fifty years? Might as well petition to change the law across America for harsher punishments towards those driving under the influence (or a stronger enforcement of the death penalty) and also that such laws should apply equally to the rich and famous. Now that’s something worth fighting for and not just wanting to kick out a lame kid out of our country! Get a grip America!

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